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Newspaper Pardon, Slovak Republic
Pardon is a newspaper of advertisement and information.

Key features:

  • Pardon is distributed to mailboxes free of charge.
  • Pardon is published in a number of regional variants.
  • It has a standard newspaper look
    (A3 format, newspaper paper, printed mostly in black and white).
  • High volumes, long tradition, good reputation.
  • It is acclaimed by independent agencies for its long-term readability.

Pardon contains:

  • Image advertising
  • Space advertising and line advertising
  • Information on current local events, regional events and cultural occasions.

The Pardon newspaper is a reputable advertising medium.


Pardon Printing House
The Pardon is the printing house too.
  • We offer offset printing, including a full range of finishing at reasonable prices.
  • Pre-press is done in our own digital studio.
  • Our graphic studio can create or help you develop your designs.
  • We also run a publishing house.

  We offer pre-press, printing, and finishing of a wide range of printed materials.

  • newspapers, small magazines
  • printed materials for companies
    (annual reports, stationary, business cards, envelopes, folders, forms, numbered forms,...)
  • catalogues
  • booklets
  • postcards
  • leaflets, flyers, invitation cards
  • notepads, glued notepads
  • ...and many other kinds of printed materials
web: www.tlaciarnepardon.sk


This page contains:
  • information about regions with the most important cities where is Pardon newspaper distributed
  • volumes of regional Pardon newspaper
  • information about contacts for regional redactions.

For international communications we prefer:

  • english or german language
  • e-mail or fax
  • for contacting newspaper redactions you can use our common e-mail mail@pardon.sk, or e-mails for regional redactions (listed in the table below)
  • for contacting our printing-works you can use e-mail print@pardon.sk

If you have any questions, or you need more informations, please do not hesitate to contact us.


  mapasks32.gif, 11kB, Slovak Repulic and schematic Pardon's regions  
Region, Cities Volume Contacts
35 000 nitra@pardon.sk
tel/fax: +421 37 655 55 55
Trencin, Nove Mesto, Stara Tura, Tr.Teplice, Dubnica, Ilava, Nemsova, Puchov,...
66 070 trencin@pardon.sk
tel/fax: +421 32 650 56 11
Topolcany, Partizanske, Banovce,...
35 000 topolcany@pardon.sk
tel/fax: +421 37 651 78 00
Trnava, Hlohovec, Galanta, Sered
53 231 trnava@pardon.sk
tel: +421 33 534 43 21
Pardon Printing House
offset printing, finishing, pre-press, graphic studio, publishing house
tel/fax: +421 32 652 19 91
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